Visit Private Malibu Rocky Oaks Vineyard

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Malibu Rocky Oaks is NOT OPEN to the Public, but is available for Private Visits and Tours to selected clientele. Often time we fly into Malibu via Private Helicopter Charter, but by no means do our private tour guests electing to drive with us up to the estate for an exclusive and private tour regret the journey.

The coastal route and the mountain highway offer regular breathtaking views of Santa Monica Bay and the local coast mountain range.  Celebrity mansions, movie star ranches and all sorts of historic and memorable sights appear along our various routes between Los Angeles and MRO.

Once at the estate we can really appreciate the architecture and design of the structure.  All our custom tours to MRO include wine tasting of the estate’s own vintages which are fast becoming prized by the wine drinking community.  As this fabulous estate is a luxury home we can arrange for some of the amenities one might expect: a gourmet meal, private massage, entertainment, whatever our guests can think of we can make happen.

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Tony Riccio –

Contact Numbers: 818-216-0067/888-328-6871

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