Why Professional Men and Women Ditch Briefcase and Opt for Backpack?

Recently, many professional ditched their briefcase leather for a backpack. The reason behind this abrupt shift is that: the switch was motivated by “sheer practicality and functionality.” Obviously, young professionals most especially men got bored of their messenger bag style briefcase slung over their shoulder while going through traditional with their luggage. Backpack now has become convenient workspace and overnight bag.

An overwhelming growing number of executives choosing to keep with the business backpacks they toted in college over the suitcase that was once regarded the badge of professionalism. Main reasons for the knapsack’s growing popularity among professionals: A versatile modern style that makes it an alluring accessory in a hands-free digital generation Z (gen next 1995-2016). And, you can stuff your laptop and other gadgets in there or even your work and gym clothes if you wished.

As a proof of backpacking user growth – In the US, digit sales growth among sport equipment bags and handbags for adults were up to 33% during the 12-months ending in December 2014, according to consumer global tracking service by the researcher, The NPD Group. Sales among women accessory bags rose 48% to $311 million, while men’s bag sales grew 23% to $385 million.

In this digital revolution, professionals want quick access to all the devices they carry with them. Instead of tossing their gadgets sporadically in their suitcase, they’re switching to business haversack. “With the digital age, we’ve become devoted to various things that we need a practical bags. “The necessity to have our hands open has motivated the backpack into the limelight. Backpack Brands like Briggs & Riley, Ferrari, Satch, Hedgren, a luxury bags and luggage’s manufacturer, have conformed and apt their business line to meet the consumer demands. The elite brands that characterize countless fashion and styles of professional back packs.

It is noted that “Consumers are attracted to products that are efficient and modernized, but still remain classic.” Most of the haversack on the market now are casual but aren’t embarrassing to bring into a board meeting room or work gatherings. Carrying a back pack in this generation is no longer considered as a less formal than carrying a messenger bag or brief case. But of course, we have to take into consideration that not every job is appropriate to use a back pack. Therefore, briefcases are still one of the hottest accessories for professionals especially those who cannot adapt yet to the current trend and for those who want to preserve the impression in business meetings or special events. It’s all about blending in and making sure it is adaptable that fits into a lifestyle and not just a corporate world.


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