Lost Luggage Horror Experience

Have you ever thought about losing your luggage? That sucks. The idea of losing stuff on the plane feels heavy at heart but losing a luggage is for sure a HUGE pain especially if you are on a vacation or a business trip.

Check out these bizarre experiences below that might kill your vacation happy ending.

1. Freak and Terrified – Losing your luggage will certainly freak you out and makes you feel terrified because you will never ever see your beloved luggage again. And the feeling of hopelessness because your goodies are all inside your luggage but deep in your heart you are hoping for a more beautiful reunion to make you feel better.

2. Immigration Officer cold attitude – Most immigration officers (not all of course) will blame you for your lost luggage because on their minds, as a traveler it is our obligation to claim our luggage and be responsible. It’s ridiculously frustrating if they started blaming you because they think you are an idiot and irresponsible.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
3. Luggage Switched – it’s definitely a great pain if by accident you switched your carry-on bag with someone else and all your stuff such as your cash, your medication, and your identification is in your carry-on luggage. It would be totally a nightmare and hoping against hope that the one who took your bag will return it miraculously and generously.

4. Wearing a Towel – Imagine yourself wearing a towel in the hotel because you lost your luggage and you are hoping against hope that someone will knock your door to deliver your bag.

5. Luckily your luggage found but ….. — If gets lucky your luggage will be found but not the way you expect it. What if your luggage is delivered to your doorstep soaking wet with all your stuff inside intact but with molds growing on it?

Moral lesson: Always get insurance for your luggage and ask compensation from airlines.


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