How Shelfpack will help you have a Worry-Free Flight

Are you distressed and tired thinking about how to organize all in your luggage your travel accessories, your gadgets and what your hotels’ wardrobe will fit? It’s time to set aside your travel woes thanks to software engineer Ken McKaba, who came up with the most innovative solution to most travelers’ problem. Ken engineered and designed an extraordinary luggage, the “Shelfpack”. The travel luggage that will make your life worry-free while traveling.

This is the kind of check-in luggage you will fall in love with because this luggage is the solution for your travel packing problems (that, let’s face it, you didn’t even know you had). Spend less time organizing, re-organizing and finding your last pair of socks in the corner of your bag because now you have a wardrobe in a bag.

This Shelfpack will definitely save your life and make your travel more comfortable because it will keep your things organized and in one place. It will also save your from ironing your clothes whilst not even needing to unpack if you are going from one place to another. That’s right – you could be in the middle of the nowhere (like, the desert) and still be organized. With its fantastic design, stylish and durable features, Shelfpack will definitely blow your mind and will make you think twice about how a single suitcase can make your travel worry free. Don’t believe us? Read on:

Here are the Reasons Why Shelfpack is the Perfect Luggage

Highly functional and practical features:

  1. Built-in Shelving System


ShelfPack comes with 4 shelves that are built-in and can double as a portable cabinet unit. You can keep your clothes wrinkle-free and organized and the best thing is you don’t have to remove your garments to place in a hotel wardrobe anymore.

  1. Built-in Shelf Support Poles


The shelves have two retractable supports on either side into the case’s body, the support poles pull out and lock provides balance to the shelves thus giving you a clean and organized travel wardrobe and preventing the shelves from collapsing.

  1. Pockets Compartment on the Lid

Shelfpack Built-in Compartment - Mosafer

The ShelfPack has 3 pockets compartments where you can place the toiletries, travel accessories, and other miscellaneous packing systems. The pockets give a quick access to small travel beauty, and hygiene while traveling.

  1. Perfect Travel Companion

Shelfpack for Family - Mosafer

The ShelfPack is perfect for families, business travelers, vacations, cruises, camping, and road trips because you’ll never have to worry about your upheaved travel bag making your travel life a mess.


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