International Flights Carry-On Luggage Restrictions for Liquids

After so many threat and incidents of terrorism internationally, the security in international and local flights has been tightened for the protection of the world travelers. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA), has enforce the following restrictions on carrying cosmetics and liquids aboard the planes both local and international flights departing from any parts of the world most specially those countries who are highly threatened and targeted by the painful effect of terrorism, with the exceptions of products bought from Duty-Free store or anywhere within the airport shops after the completion of immigration entry procedures.

The Restrictions Apply to Carry-On Luggage …..

  • All international flights departing from the country of origin (but not from arriving flights)
  • Carry-on luggage’s or bags (but not suitcases and other checked-in baggage.)

It is prohibited to bring onboard any liquids that exceed 100 mL limits into the passenger compartment that is why the ground crew is inspecting the carry-on travel luggage’s and bags of the passengers before they checked-in. However, the specified things may be brought as carry-ons.

  • Any bottle of liquid and solid with 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less than (excluding the restricted carry-on items such as flammable items, corrosives, matches, explosives, poisons etc…) that fit in, in a transparent resealable bag can be packed in a carry-on and can pass through the security checkpoint.
  • All pharmaceutical drug medication, other over-the-counter medications and medical related devices including insulin and other diabetes medical supplies. (With exception)
  • Food supplies like baby milk formula, baby food, water for a traveling infant child and special adult diet food that are permitted on the inspection.
  • “Any liquid” includes gels (shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, hair gel, perfume, shaving foam, oils, etc.)


  • Cosmetics and other liquid products that are purchased at Duty-Free or inside the airport after the immigration process are not subject to the restrictions and can take onboard. In any case, passengers with connecting flights bound for countries in America, North America, Europe, or anywhere in the world that have restrictions on carry-on liquids should leave the items when you transfer if you are unable to access your baggage in order to load the liquid items bought from duty-free in a luggage at the airport where the transfer is made. Always check with your airline for further details before your flight.

Keep in mind that liquid products you can take onboard will vary according to your airline. Always come to the airport early to anticipate the longer security inspections because most of the international airport nowadays are strictly imposing the liquid restrictions for security purposes of the passengers most especially now that the issue and controversy of terrorism worldwide are at high risk. The world is on high alert for the security of the citizens of the world. Bear in mind to keep your valuable and personal belongings in your carry-on luggage and not in your check-in luggage. If you know the items you are carrying is banned or restricted, avoid taking it with you to prevent hassle at the security checkpoint.

Makes it a habit to check with your airline before flying to avoid any inconvenience because some of the airlines change their restrictions without any prior notice.

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